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We’ve published a new book!

Or new book is titled Building Self Esteem, it’s available on Amazon in eBook and on Lulu in paperback.  The book reprints 36 of the tools from A Guide to the Recovery Toolbox along with materials from the workshop we hosted on that topic at the Wealth of Wellness retreat a few months ago (as well as Nancy’s Goal Setting workshop, both detailed here).  If you already have A Guide to the Recovery Toolbox and access to this blog obviously you don’t need the new book, but it does serve a purpose, which I’ll explain.

(Actually, before I explain that let me first say that if you do not have A Guide to the Recovery Toolbox and you DO have an Amazon Kindle you can borrow the book for FREE through Amazon.  So it’s a way to get about 30% of the material in A Guide to the Recovery Toolbox for free.  Check it out!)

My friend Marlene made a very good suggestion about two weeks ago.  We were talking about something completely different but she mentioned that one marketing “trick” is to have a small pamphlet you can give away free that lists the products you carry.  That got me thinking.  Another idea is to offer a similar (but smaller) product at a smaller price.

When I published A Guide to the Recovery Toolbox I chose to price the eBook version at $2.99 because of the way eBook retailers set up their fees and royalties.  That was the lowest price I could set and still get a decent return, but you can price eBooks as low as $.99 … I thought, “Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to put something together for that $.99 bracket.”

I had two ideas.  The first would be an eBook that contains only the very first tools I’d started learning when I came to recovery.  The second idea was to take the Self Esteem workshop Marlene and I had just done and turn it into a small book.  The tools I’d share with a newcomer would be about 75% of the book (!) whereas the Self Esteem workshop was around 30% of the book.  So that decision was pretty clear.  Hopefully the new book will reach people who stay in the $.99 section, and if they like what they find in Building Self Esteem maybe they’ll pick up A Guide to the Recovery Toolbox as well.

Another reason I was interested in this is that Amazon has a feature called KDP Select.  They ask publishers to only list the eBook on Amazon, and in return they give you additional promotion and allow Kindle owners to “borrow” your book for free.  Although it’s free to the customer Amazon will give me a little money every time someone borrows the book.  I wanted to experiment with this but I’d already listed A Guide to the Recovery Toolbox through Smashwords.  This new book allows me to experiment with KDP Select, and hopefully I’ll be able to share some good feedback on the program.