I’m (still) still around

Man, the last few years have been a bit of a ride.  My grandmother passed away, I ended up buying her house, I’ve had 4 job changes, I was in a relationship for a few years … there just don’t seem to be enough hours in the day.  I had changed my email provider from Yahoo to Google and forgot to update this website’s Contact Me page, so for years I was thinking there was no activity on this site.  It also turns out that both Yahoo and my FaceBook page were hacked.  My apologies to anyone whose messages I haven’t replied to.

Well … I’ve been trying to make myself do the things on my to-do list.  I fixed the electronic version of the book and re-uploaded it, so that should be available again.  I’ve updated my contact info on here.  I’m in the process of recovering the FaceBook page, and I’m also working on some non-recovery projects with a friend named Chris.

I’ve been an amateur musician for many years, a large part of my free time over the last 3 years has been spent learning recording software and recording some stuff.  Not sure if I’ll ever release it, it still needs work.  About a month ago I had the idea to purchase the domain HorrorMakesUsHappy.com.  I haven’t created anything for it yet, but aside from shared musical interests, my friend Chris is a huge horror film buff.  He’s created a webcomic and is slowly working towards making a short file, and then hopefully a feature film based on his webcomic.

I thought of the name HorrorMakesUsHappy while trying to think of how I could help him market his movie, but as we talked about it more we realized that could be the title of a podcast where he and I interview people in the horror film industry.  He has the knowledge of the industry and I have 15+ years of 12-step and counseling, and between the two of us we could have some interesting interviews with people in that business asking, “What is it about horror that people enjoy so much?”  I’ve never been a horror fan myself, but interestingly my recovery journey has opened me op to appreciating at least one aspect of certain stories.  More about that will come up doing the interviews, I’m sure.

Anyway, I may post some news about that as we get further along, and that also leads me into something else I’ve been thinking about doing for a few years (related to Recovery Book Press).  At first I thought about recording an audio version of the book, then a vlog where I discuss each of the tools.  I think I may just use the microphone I’m getting for the podcast and record audio going over the tools.  Haven’t decided yet.   I have other personal projects I need to complete as well, so all these things are in flux and no hard dates are set right now.  More will become clear.

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